Early PreE

Just got off the phone with the doctors office. My doctor is concerned about early preeclampsia but didn’t feel like I met the diagnosis yet. I’ll have another appointment next week to redraw my labs and do another nst. I’m upset but just going to keep hopes high that everything will be okay. I would really like for little man to stay put until his due date 😅.
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What have your symptoms been? Hoping your baby stays until he’s due

Please take it easy as you don’t want to elevate your BP anymore. Worst case scenario the docs can admit to monitor and try everything so it’s under control but in another 7 weeks or so given you are 29 they can induce or do a C-section. Every patient is different and while it’s scary you should be fine.

I stalked your profile to see how far along you were.

@Elle I’m taking it pretty easy but I’m not sure what my profile is saying lol I’ll actually be 32 weeks tomorrow, I’m more so annoyed that we made it so far with no complications only for this to pop up at the most inconvenient time possible, but I trust my providers so I’m just hanging out

lol even better. Profile says 29 weeks so 32 is better for baby. Just make sure you completely slow down till your next test and start talking to doc about possible measures you need to take incase they need to do an emergency delivery like steroid shots. You got this mama.

@Elle thank you 🤍 I went and fixed it, that was so odd

@Catie no worries. Keep me posted.

It’s worth making sure it’s not. Even if it is they (usually) have ways to manage it and prevent you from going into labor super early as long as you and baby are doing okay. But by far better to be safe than miss pre e. I hope it gets better for you momma! Try not to worry. Monitoring you means you’re in good hands!

I’m dealing with the same concern, you’re not alone! High BP runs in my family unfortunately so I had a feeling this would be a concern when I got pregnant. I’m not officially diagnosed with PreE but running lots of labs & I have to do a 24 hour urine sample next. We got this! 💕

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