Finally seeing my period after my second miscarriage and I’m looking forward to trying again. I never knew infection caused miscarriage I didn’t know that until my second miscarriage I had BV and the score was high and it ended in miscarriage
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Im sorry about your loss .. had bv while pregnant and the biggest thing was to make sure your partner gets treated to so you don’t get re infected !!! Goodluck 💖

I had no idea BV can cause miscarriage. I had thrush/BV last pregnancy and lost it and now I am pregnant again with thrush/BV and I am worried d

If you treat it there is much less Risk ! I did the antibiotics for bv so did my partner and the thrust prsseries and went onto have a healthy baby so if you do the right treatment you’ll be ok!! X

@Isabella yeah I’ll make sure he gets treated this time. Thank you mama

@Saff praying for you this pregnancy sticks 🤞🏽

@Isabella I’ll let my obgyn know about this thank you

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