Hi,any recommendations for my 6 month + 1 day old.she’s liking fruit sachets I’m getting from Ella’s kitchen,but I wanted to give her a variety and Ella’s kitchen only do so much that only have necessary ingredients (not liking the jarred food porridge ect as the amount of unnecessary ingredients that are in it) first time mum so any advice/recommendations would be amazing! Thank you all 😊
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Ella's Kitchen do loads of different flavour pouches

You can get loads from Ella’s kitchen they do loads of veggie ones too! 🙂

I would recommend blending different fruit over ella’s. You can try so many combos plus you’re sure of what’s in there. Ella’s kitchen is fine if you’re out and about or in a pinch.

We just make our own. It's really easy. Just steam a small amount of veg/potato or whatever you like. Add meat, fish or maybe Chickpeas/lentils etc then herbs or spices (not chilli) and blend. Our LO loves them. We used the steamed water to make them more runny if they are too thick as it has loads of nutrients in it and also freeze portions in an ice cube tray for another day as they pop out easily and can defrost and heat up. You can also do the same with fruits. Xx

You can also buy your own pouches and put your purees in them and freeze them instead of ice cube trays! If you have time that is haha. But yeah, if you can’t find the variety you’re looking for I’d highly suggest just making a combo you like instead, the sky’s the limit really! And not sure about formula, but you can water them down with bm if it’s too thick, then freeze it as well. But yeah, water works too, just don’t know if you can freeze formula I also have this thing called a squeasy snacker, they’re silicone and easier to clean & you can make sure they’re 100% clean. Plus they’re cheaper than the reusable silicone haaka pouches! They’re great as a water bottle, food pouch: unsweetened apple sauce and or with greek yogurt, ect

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