My bf said because he pays the bills In OUR home and I’m not working yet , I don’t really have a say so on much around here . “Talked about his bm staying here if they didn’t have power” but the child was here since the storm started and he told her that she could’ve stayed too without discussing it with me first. Thats IF they didn’t have power where they was going to. But back in my hometown , when he wasn’t working, I was helping and taking care of him for 3-4 months and always discussed situations with him about anything that might’ve seemed uncomfortable to him even if he didn’t seem uncomfortable it’s the principle of “im not gonna allow something you may not approve of” Now I feel like he belittles me because he takes care of me but always tell me not to worry bout working just keep searching ….
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I would have laughed him off the face of the planet, honestly. He’s absolutely in the wrong. My husband currently works and I stay home, I damn sure have just as much say so in who stays in our home. It’s a 2 yes situation, always. He’s incredibly disrespectful.

Oh this is unfortunately the start of financial and mental abuse babe. The belittling and minimizing being a stay at home mom, taking household decision power away. Get a job and don’t depend on him.

Absolutely TF not.

Hell no this is financial abuse and you need to tell wtf is going on. Totally disrespectful I’m sorry girl

I hope you know that he is NOT husband material

Please tell me you’re dumping him asap

Did you remind him of the months where the rules were reversed on the job front? What if you would have invited an ex to stay back then?

He has this nonchalant attitude and says “he wouldn’t care” but he would . Because that’s a whole ex of mines that would be walking round our home, etc .

Make a plan to run. This man does not respect you and is entitled. He doesn't deserve your respect. Doesn't matter if you stay home, your supposed to be a team. Don't put up with stuff like that! I already know this man won't listen to reason, get a job, hide your finances and make a plan.

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