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Okay, so I know toddlers go through phases where they favour one parent over the other, but I’ve been the favourite maybe twice, for maybe a few days. More recently; not at all. She’s always snuggling, hugging, kissing her dad, and if I try to join in she says no and pushes me away. It’s genuinely starting to hurt my feelings. Like months of my child not wanting any love and affection from me if dad’s home. I often feel left out, or like I’m intruding on their time. I don’t know how to navigate this. I am the one who drops her off at daycare, picks her up every day, carries the mental load of every appointment, everything she needs or Is running out of, stressing about her eating enough, etc. I know it sounds whiny, and it might be the pregnancy hormones, but Jesus.. it’s just not fair Anyone else experience this?
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Hi, I've experienced this with my toddler when i was about to give birth to my second child he wanted nothing to do with me and wanted his dad to do everything with him. I would sob and i actually got jealous of his dad so i totally understand where you're coming from. The only thing i did was that if he wanted his dad to put him to sleep or to feed him i wouldn't show that it bothered me and do something else and he started coming around. I read somewhere that if toddlers do that that means they feel secure enough in your relationship and want to explore other relationships and it honestly made me feel better. Hope it helps and just know you're doing an amazing job!

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