Any mums on here decided not to vaccinate their baby? And if so, can you explain your reasonings? Doing my own research.
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By research, I REALLY hope you mean reading up on the diseases that the vaccines prevent and the implications for your child if you DON'T give them to them. I truly hope you're reading peer reviewed studies too, not someone opinion piece. I know I'm not who you asked to comment, as my child is vaccinated. But I cannot understand the view point to NOT want to protect your child in every possible way. I had a family member with Polio when I was younger and watching what they had to live with meant I knew I was vaccinating my kid against it. As this is a virus, it very much still exists, just hasn't been contracted in recent history BECAUSE of vaccines. MenB - well that's meningitis, and is deadly to babies. And is on the rise, so I want my baby as protected as possible. Lastly, Rotarix protects against the Rota virus (including Noro) which means baby is less likely to contract the vomitting and diarrhoea bug. Why wouldn't I protect my baby against these? I just don't understand why you wouldn't.

I’m with Jess on this one! ☝🏼

What are you concerned is the down side of vaccines? I’ve heard the autism one a billion times, my brother is obviously autistic and delayed and he was vaccinated buuut I had similar/the same and I’m pretty sure I’m also autistic but not delayed so less obvious. My mum we think is too and she didn’t even have half the vaccines we did. A friends child sadly died from an incurable brain tumour, her mum is worried that vaccines caused it. About 6 kids in the uk get that kind of tumour a year, think about how many millions of kids have been vaccinated and are completely fine. Shes grieving and has latched onto a reason because she needs is and has found herself in echo chambers online blaming vaccines, not peer reviewed studies

Have to agree with Jess too, for god sakes vaccinate your children if you want to keep them safe from those horrible diseases. Also the autism theory is BS if you ask me, autism is something a child is genetically born with, not something that can be caused by a vaccine 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thank you for the responses, can I just confirm I never once referred to Autism in my post so I don’t understand why some of you are making that correlation. A young family member of mine is actually medically disabled due to the MMR vaccination as a young baby, hence my anxiety around the topic. I have fully vaccinated my older children, I’m not anti vax - so don’t come at me like I am one. My post was to gather information from mothers who chose not to and why, I am not posting on here for validation nor confirmation on what to do for my own child, that’s my choice. I’d be interested to know all of your onions on people who don’t vaccinate due to religion 🤔 are they met with the same criticism? Glad none of you have experienced the side effects of vaccines that’s reassuring, but there is no denying that they do happen and I am not the first mother to question the ingredients/reactions/side effects, and I certainly will not be the last.

The MMR vaccine is only given at 1, with boosters later on. The chances of a contraindication (or side effect) is extremely unlikely. I'm really sorry that your family member is one of the very few affected, but the benefits for being all vaccines outweighs the extremely low chances. I wasn't trying to come at you as an anti vaxxer, more extremely concerned about the doing your own research comment. I am adamant that your should read peer reviewed studies and read about the effects of the diseases/viruses in depth. DON'T read other people's opinion posts, those are NOT accurate and often steeped in misconceptions. And yes, my opinion about those who hide behind religion is exactly the same. The most prominent being JWs, as they would rather let a child die than give a vaccine or blood transfusion and use religion as their excuse. Any child that is caused to suffer because of their parents choices deserves to suffer ten fold.

I appreciate your comment and concern, but just to clarify doing my own research isn’t as complex as you think. I am quite literally doing my own research as a trainee medical & statistical undergraduate. I am not in any way deciding what to do for my own children via a social networking app, I am not that crass. As I stated before, I have had a family member who was disabled by the MMR vaccine but despite this, I still chose to vaccinate my children, that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to gather my own information about the ingredients & side effects. I will never be swayed by scaremongering of both sides of the argument, I was quite literally looking to gather some information from women who have declined the vaccination for their child and on what premise. I think it’s important to do what’s best for your own baby, yes you might not agree with other people’s decisions but unfortunately it has nothing to do with anyone else.

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