What do I do !?

I’m 29 weeks and 1 cm dilated. The hospital let me go home after being there for 2 days but now my back is killing me and I’m having on and off contractions again. Is it possible I can still go a few more weeks !? They already been giving me steroids to help his lungs just in case he does come this early but I’m so nervous. I’ve already started dilating so I mean. How much longer do I realistically have
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You need complete bed rest to avoid any further dialation

I agree with Arushi id do full bed rest

Do full bed rest, for me I was having mock contractions 36 weeks and went in on the 7th last month, then my water broke on the 9th had him on the 10th. He was supposed to be due July 3rd. Everybody is different so it could take more time just take it easy on yourself. You got this mama!

Being a little dilated is not a cause for concern as that can stay the same for days, weeks or months. You could be having prodromal (false) labor or it could be the real thing, the best thing for you to do is go to your dr’s office (if open right now) or go to the ER.

Thank you guys. I’ll definitely be on bedrest until anything big changes , I can barely handle walking to the bathroom anyways

My son was born at 29 weeks, this happened to me before hand, you need to rest. If you start bleeding you need to go back quick you progressed more

@Lauren Did your water just break that early !? How long did baby have to stay in hospital

Yeah my water went at 28 weeks and 5 days he came bang on 29 weeks, he was in hospital for 3 months after

@Lauren WOW ! So yeah I can definitely have him real soon 🥲 Thanks for sharing

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