Newborn tracker app for sleep/feeds etc

Hi! I’m having my first baby on Friday by planned c section 🥹 I’d love to hear any recommendations for apps that track sleep, feeding etc so I can hopefully establish some sort of routine and keep a track how my much my little girl is eating and sleeping throughout the day. I’ve heard of huckleberry but I’m not sure if it’s worth the hype, or are there any other apps you’d recommend? Thank you! Xx
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We’ve used Huckleberry since our little girl was born and found it easy to use Xx

Huckleberry is the best


Another vote for Huckleberry 😊

Seems like a clear winner! Thank you! Do you mind if I ask if you upgraded to the plus or premium versions please? Xx

Huckleberry all the way

@Kirsty I have upgraded to the plus. It tells me when my LO nap time is based on his pattern. It’s very useful.

@Taraneh same! it’s pretty accurate and keeps you organized.

I’ve always used baby tracker because it’s 100% free but it doesn’t have a lot of extra features like huckleberry

I used napper for the first few months. It has white noise & alot of different sounds in the app which helped ALOT during newborn stage. Now we are on a schedule 💗🫶🏻

I use 'baby time' app. It's completely free and seems to have lots of features - loads of items you can track, plenty of graphs, sounds/noises, ability to track multiple babies/toddlers with a simple switch, multiple care givers able to login and sync records, etc. Simple and intuitive to use. (But never used huckleberry to compare to.)

Huckleberry is great but after a few weeks we found tracking feeds, sleeping and nappies more of a stress than a help. It was good at first especially as I had a few difficulties bf and combo fed initially but once everything was established honestly there was no need - they’ll feed when they want to and sleep when they need to. I wouldn’t worry about a routine for the first few weeks

@Kirsty I upgraded to the plus and found it to be really quite accurate in terms of predicting best nap times etc!

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