Me once again! I'm honestly loosing hope😭😭 So toddler has been for the past week waking maybe twice a night for like an hour at a time 😭 I just dont know what else to do! I've tried the following: Not feeding dinner any closer than 2 hours before bed time. No sugar after 3pm Nap time earlier-currently naps at 11 for max 1hour Tried a later nap midday but then takes ages to fall asleep at night & still wakes up Tried no nap, gets super Tried around 4pm and still wakes in the night! He does have a dummy just for night time and when he wakes the only way he will go back to sleep is if I sit next to him. Ove Tried putting him to bed and walking out and he literally runs out of bed to his door and screams! 😭 Currently on the waiting list for sleep support but any help is welcomed at this point! I'm one sleep deprived muma ( have a 6 month old aswel and he wakes maybe 2 times for a feed then straight back to sleep)
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Have you tried cutting his nap down to half an hour? My daughter can't have an hour now it takes her too long to go to sleep but half an hour, she's ok and it gets her through the day. Try a few days of 45 mins, then if that doesn't work, trim it again. Do you have a partner that can lay with him if you are dealing with a baby? My daughter also has a dummy for sleep, does he have a glow in the dark one so he can find it? Also do you have a night light? My daughter went through a little phase of being really upset if she woke up but a little light has helped xx

We had this a little while back. It passed on its own. My LG was waking as if she was a new born all over again. My husband was away at the time too, so don’t know if she was sensitive to the change, but when I posted about it, people said they had also experienced this. Possibly one of those good old ‘regressions’. I didn’t change anything to help it, it just passed on its own. If it’s only been a week, I wouldn’t worry about making any big changes at this point. Tough with a 6 month old though, I feel your pain. This too shall pass. X

@Nicola I'll definitely try 30 mins, he's been waking after 45/50mins into his nap on his own anyways! My partner does help but toddler won't always settle for him and I feel bad as he has work so I usually just get up and sort both boys. He doesn't have a glow in the dark dummy but he never seems to loose it 🤷‍♀️ always has it in his mouth and cries for me! His rooms always been pitch black, but tonight is the first time trying a night light, so far he's woken up after an hour of sleep 😭😭xx

@Monique I hope this passes! It's just super exhausting! Especially since lioe a month ago he had a stretch of lioe 3 weeks of sleeping through the night and now to go to waking up for hours at a time it's exhausting! And my 6 month old seems to be sleeping better than the toddler, just seems so wrong 😂x

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