Brown discharge

36 weeks and I’ve been noticing brown discharge when I wipe after peeing. I had a cervical check today and I’m not dilated but my cervix is soft. Anyone else experience this and what did you do?
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I know this doesn’t answer your question but is a cervical check the same as membrane sweep

@Yoki No, I think a cervical check is just see if you’re dilated. Whereas a membrane sweep they separate your cervix.

Okay did they feel around your cervix? Did the discharge come after that?

@Sharnee they did. My appointment was at 9am and I didn’t start having the discharge until 5:30pm.

Ah okay it could be that they’ve just irritated your cervix a little bit. It happened/happens to me often after sex. As long as it’s not fresh blood you’re all good

@Sharnee okay, thank you!!

@Yoki a cervical check is where they check for position of cervix, consistency, dilation, effacement and baby’s station. If the time is right and your cervix is favourable you may be offered a sweep (usually not until 38+wks) and they insert fingers into your cervix and strip away some of the membrane to try start labour.

@Jaimie I will add that if you are ever concerned, especially this late in pregnancy call up assessment and check in with them ❤️

They say it’s normal to bleed alittle bit after a cervical check from irritation in the cervix. I bled really bad after my 36 weeks check and got scared but I was told it’s just because there is extra blood flow in the cervix during pregnancy so bleeding could happen and last 24 hours. Past 24 hours I would go to the doctors to be sure

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