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I left my husband because he was being abusive, and in front of our child. I was a SAHM and he retaliated by stopping payment on anything that was in my name and on our house. Let the house get repossessed, let his truck (in my name) get repossessed. My credit is in the garbage, I almost couldn’t even get an apartment because of it. he refuses to help with our child. Im getting back into my career but struggling to care for my quickly growing son and pay rent, daycare, and bills, plus paying the divorce attorney. I can’t even afford the fees to file for bankruptcy. Im too poor to establish that im poor 🙃 I’m barely buying groceries, im about to lose my car, and I just feel like I’m being punished for choosing not to stay and be abused. It’s so hard, and I’m fully alone in it all. No community, no friends, no family. Just me and my 1yo, which is still such a blessing, but the stress is so badly getting to me and I’m terrified of losing my car and not being able to get to work, then being even worse off. I don’t have anyone to talk to and just need to release it somehow.
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Sorry about it girl it’s a freaking lot What’s your kid saying about the event.. Did you talk to in-laws ? What signs were there

First of all, good on you for getting out!!! That’s incredibly difficult! But, that being said, you DEFINITELY need to reach out to a local battered women’s shelter mama!!! The time when a woman is in the most danger from her abuser, is when she’s leaving him. I say this not to scare, but to save you! I say it so that you can reach out to a shelter who KNOWS how to navigate these things and who KNOWS how to navigate these things and who can help you out with some resources too!!! My ex husband never laid a finger on me, but he was horribly verbally, mentally and emotionally abusive, manipulative, and just all around horrible. We live 4 doors down from my parents and brother so I can’t just up and leave. 🥺

I had a victim of domestic violence staying in the hotel where I worked at the front desk. She told me what was happening and to not say anything if he calls, which I wouldn't anyway. It's protocol to never tell anyone anything about a guest staying at the hotel. He did in fact try to call and of course he got nothing out of me. Not sure what he was thinking because no hotel in the area would've given him information about a guest. SMH That being said, I agree with @Alissa It's better to be somewhere with people that know you need protection. They can also provide you with resources you need to avoid a bad situation getting worse! Please be even stronger than you obviously already are and don't shy away from their help. Do it for you and your baby❤️ Good luck!

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