Bottle warmers

Are they worth it? Any recommendations? Seeing mixed reviews online! Currently using MAM bottles.
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Honestly, not really. Yes they are quick, but if you have hard water they get all scaly and you have to clean. I would say just microwave some hot water and stick it in.

We used ours all the time when baby was little 🤷

I have one but they are so long! I would rather boil the kettle and place the bottle in hot water. I’ve more or less stopped using my warmer

We used one at first until our first got used to room temp and then fridge milk 😅 we used to fill it with slightly less water so it warms quicker + glass bottles, so it was better than boiling kettle or the hot tap. I think it's really personal though. Because of that you can usually find a ton of them second hand for cheap or even free x

i use tommee tippee one for my mam bottle brilliant

I find them very convenient. Descaling them is very easy too, just pour a bit of white vinegar after warming up a bottle, leave it for a few minutes and rinse.

Thanks all, this was very helpful!

It will actually come in handy for weaning heating up homemade purée so glad I have it x

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