I’m done

Okay so here goes. Me and BD met Jan 2023 found out I’m pregnant March 2023 moved in together and he has very old school views stating that because he pays the bills I should do everything g else, my point here I was working and offered to pay the bills, my other point is he is in the military so doesn’t even pay for them anyway. We have a 7 month old and recently found out baby number 2 is on the way. He came to the scan but it was too early. We visit his family in the States and it just seems I have disappeared as his family just want to see him and baby which I get but haven’t been very welcoming. Then he says we should go to the theme park and I’m like hell no because we have a little girl and also I’m pregnant… his response was well your not showing yet. Honestly I feel so done here with this guy, he is only affectionate with me when getting intimate. He will cook his dinner only and nothing for me or little one. I just feel like I’m being walked all over. I really can’t see us lasting and I’ve told him that but he temporarily changes himself and then reverts right back again.
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U should leave him he seems selfish and seems like he dosent care about your feelings:(

Cook meal for himself only? And not add you and baby.. he is a selfish now. speak up and tell him how you feel.

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