Colic or witching hour

My baby was born at 28 weeks. She spent 102 days in the NICU. Shortly after she came home she had what I thought was a witching hour? She would SCREAM from the hours of 5pm-7pm. She literally does this everyday and tired herself out and basically falls asleep from crying so much. Is this colic or the witching hour? She is in 2 reflux meds which helped a ton. Sos.....
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She's 7 months old 4 adjusted

Hospitals have some routines that don't go along with our babies nature! My daughter was fine the first five days then suddenly after her first vaccines came down with jaundice and was kept under blue light for 24 hours for 3 days. I was recovering from an emergency cs and couldn't be with her for long and later I heard they'd leave her to cry for an hour sometimes. When we brought her home it took me weeks to help her recover from the trauma. Changing, picking up, holding her horizontally and being in a raised bed would freak her out especially at certain hours ( the shift of certain care providers at the hospital) I hope this is not your daughter's case but it's good to know just in case. Also pay attention to the environment, loud TV or blue light, certain scent or the position of being fed... Check her neck and body folds, press gently behind her ear to see if the cry would go louder, do the same with her spine, tummy, knees, hips and shoulders.

Try warm baths, massage starting from a bit before 5, tummy time around 4:30, burping, dancing... Anything that you think can soothe and distract her. Evening is usually when the bones start growing, hormones developing, brain processing whatever was received during the day and generally there are lots going on and it can be overwhelming for them. I hope the techniques would help your daughter 💞🤗💕

@Magnolia thank you, yes Claire did spend 102 days in the NICU.

@Magnolia thank you! Good tips. I usually try and take her for a walk around this time because that always helps but it's too hot out here. Ugh

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