Stopped drinking after jabs

Hey girlies, anyone’s LO stopped drinking as much after their 6 weeks jabs? My LG was upset for a few days and stopped drinking as much and I thought it would wear off but no. She was initially drinking 120ml and a few days before the jabs moved up to 150ml but now she will only have 2/3 ounces a feed :( and it’s not even like she’s drinking more often. Any advise would be appreciated 🙏🏽
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They shouldn’t be having jabs at 6 weeks it should be 8. Also it’s not uncommon for them to feel rubbish after them which could impact feeding but I wouldn’t expect that to last more than a couple of days. It could be totally unrelated though, my girls going through a developmental leap currently and is really fussy and at times eating very little but often so could be something like that

I meant 8 haha! Mum brain 😭😂 yeah I think I’ll speak to someone xx

The rotavirus can give them a sore tum for up to ten days and that can stop them feeding as much. Def reach out to a health professional if you're concerned tho x

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