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I'm a bit stressed regarding my girl arms possition. Basically when trying to put her to sleep or sitting down she has been putting like one arm in between my arm which I thought it's ok. However, my MIL has recently been telling me that because of that her arms are a bit behind her back and she will develop that position for her arms for her life. Obviously, mother guilt comes in my head like if I am making my babys arms a bit backwards than normal. Is this normal for any baby and it will be fine when she grows or am I making any mistake? Very anxious FTM here!
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Try not to worry, my daughter does this she always put her arm closest to me behind and doesn’t have any issues she’s 5 months if they’re uncomfortable they would move x

It's normal. In most cultures, when carrying a baby or breastfeeding a baby, one arm is put behind the between mothers arm. Nothing will happen to your gal

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