Urgent advice please!!

Okay so my 4m old (20 weeks) is on cow and gate formula and I was supposed to buy her some today as I ran out and it’s 1am and I have just realised I completely forgot to buy it! There aren’t any shops open near me and I can’t leave the house anyway. I’m alone all day with her and my 15m old so sometimes days get crazy Anyway, I have some ready made formula bottles that are in stage 2 that I bought by accident, mistaking them for the stage 1. I am literally desperate here. Is it okay if I give her those until I can go to the shop later and get some more of her usual one? I’ve heard it is fine but it can cause a bit of constipation due to the higher levels of iron. I just want to make sure. I also didn’t realise because I pre-make about 5 bottles at night to last throughout the day and I’m at the point in the day where I go to make more and I just remembered there’s no more left
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If you’ve got absolutely nothing else I’d say just give them it’s only a once off, there’s a slight difference in the percentages of the blend of the formula but if you have no means of getting to a shop tonight and it’s just for overnight a baby is better fed than having nothing and get to the shops first thing in the morning, a once of won’t do any lasting damage as it would be a major build up of formula to reach the iron levels x

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