Night feed - change nappy before or after? + baby suffering with bad wind

Hi there - im a FTM I’m currently breast feeding and have a question about when to change a baby’s nappy in the night that’ll least disrupt their sleep. Recently my LO started suffering really badly with wind and my strong let down hasn’t helped. Last night was really bad, none of us slept till 5am this morning so tonight I’m trying to bottle feed him my pumped milk for the first time. (I also have other reasons such as my nipples hurting due to him clamping down on me to slow my flow and the bottles give a longer break period of 3 hours instead of the 1-2 hours with nursing which is awful at nighttime). Looking online and experiencing it myself last night, when baby’s cry hysterically and out of hunger, it can make them more windy as they inhale lots of wind right before the feed and then because they are hungry they then gulp down the milk which is what my baby does. He then doesn’t settle because of his trapped wind and bad belly. I usually change his nappy before I put him on my breast so that as soon as he’s asleep I can put him into the crib without waking him. However I’m just thinking tonight if he frantically cry’s for the feed as soon as he’s awake, changing him before I feed him may make him inhale more wind and do the crazy gulping, but I equally don’t want to change him after he feeds as he has to stay upright for 20 mins and then with luck he’s asleep and so changing him may wake him and re-start the settling cycle. Something to note: he HATES his nappy change, to the point he will hold his breath when he cry’s and then shreek, so a nappy change without the tears isn’t an option. I’m just curious if anyone else has a baby who suffers with wind, cry’s a lot before the feed and when u change their nappy in the night. I know it sounds complicated for such a simple nappy change but last night was awful. When do you think I should change his nappy and any other tips on the trapped wind? I feed him upright, I burp him during the feeds and after, I keep him upright for 20-30 mins after the feed and I try to do the cycle legs when he’s calm during the day. Any other advice? I’ve got infacol being delivered tomorrow. (Apologises long post)
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Hi I’m a newborn care specialist and momma. I recommend changing diaper first and then do the feeding so there’s no disturbance when baby is going back to sleep. But I understand if baby is frantically wanting the feed immediately. How old is baby? I recommend doing a bottle and maybe when the majority of the bottle is done so the change and then finish the bottle and out to sleep

@Xena thank u ❤️ baby boy is 3 weeks old today - yh I think I’m going to try to stick to the nappy change first and see if I can just settle him before handing him the bottle but I have also debated changing him half way through but he tends to spit up his milk if I put him on his back too soon so I’m worried I’ll be encouraging that

When my baby was two weeks, he would have a lot of wind and I had a fast let down. For me, pumping didn’t help because I started to over produce. I noticed that when I held him in my arms 🤱🏽 like this emoji and fed him that way it helped. Afterwards, I’d prop myself up and lay him on my chest and give back pats or burp him using the cupping method. I noticed that sitting him up didn’t always work but skin to skin helped us.

After 6 weeks i stopped nappy change at nights unless completely necessary (poop or pee leaked) the last being before than the last feeding to put him down to sleep and right in the morning (5-6 am) before feeding in case he’s back to sleep ( my lo use to stay awake for an hour after 5 am) my boy is 8 weeks old and wakes up every 3-2 hours

Feed change feed. Thats what works for me. Mine is hysterical during a nappy change real tears and everything especially in the night, so I give him a little bit of milk go and change him and then finish 90% of the feed after that.

As Elena, with my two I would feed one side, change, feed again. That way they aren’t hangry and fussy, and you don’t wake them up changing them

I have meny times I have to it before and after cause my baby loves to poop while eating/or even while burping haha 🤣

Agree with above, feed until baby comes off then nappy change gives them chance to see if they’re still hungry or not then aswell and then offer bottle/breast after. Only thing I had to deal with was a bit of spit up from being lay down but it was nothing more then a teaspoon worth so it worked for us x

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