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So here's my somewhat question/ need opinions I've been dating my bf since my almost 2 year old was 4 months old we live together an now have Child of are own ( 3 weeks old ) now I don't mind my bf going out as we all need a break but when he goes out to drink he comes back really stupid an disrespectful he went out about week ago came back super disrespectful drunk an I wanted to be like get the fuck out but I also feel bad as I don't want him driving n drinking so if he comes back tonight drunk/ really disrespectful what would y'all do? Also what would y'all say is a reasonable time to come home at when leaven at 7? 12 am? 2 am? 3/4am ? 6 am? Me personally I feel anything pass 3/4 am is just spending the night out
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Being out past 2am is too much especially with a newborn. As for the disrespect unfortunately some people are just like that when intoxicated. Having a conversation with him when he’s sober about how he behaves and how it affects you might help but once he’s too that point there’s very little you can do.

@Laney I have definitely had a conversation with him about it before an he says I'll stop drinking he'll stop for a lil while then goes back to it n acts the same way again

if he’s someone who can’t stop then at least being mindful of the amount he’s drinking or setting a limit going out might help slightly but the only true fix would be for him to give up alcohol. Im really sorry that you have to deal with this on top of postpartum

If I’m 3 weeks post partum with a 2 year old there is no “time” that’s appropriate for him to go home because he shouldn’t be drinking and leaving you alone at all!

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