Sadness- first kid

I’m a sahm to my first kid and I really didn’t struggle with ppd but lately I find myself very sad about how fast this stage is going and how big my little girl is already. I struggle with separating myself from her and cry some nights looking back on how fast she has already grown. Anyone else? Or am I the only one. I know I should be happy and excited for what’s to come and I am grateful she is healthy and growing so well but it is hard on me to look back (I know just 7 months) but I feel like it was yesterday she was a newborn and just stayed in my arms all day.
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I'm with you. Especially considering how hard it was to get my son here. I lost two babies prior to him so I think that contributes to it. Also, I think it's because I'm so scared to be pregnant again that I grieve the stages we are past because I'm unsure if I'll ever get to enjoy them again.

@Cass I had a loss prior to my daughter as well. I think that most definitely contributes and I had a hard pregnancy. But it just baffles me how many tears I have shed at night when holding her just because of how fast time has passed already.

Yesss I feel like I barely even remember baby being so tiny 🥹 and I didn’t know how much to cherish either cuz I didn’t actually know how fast they grow

@drea 100% it’s so hard

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