First week back at work…

Did your baby decide to start making noise once you got a call for work? If so how did you handle it? Lol. He’s being loud asf. 😭😭😭
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This has been a challenge for sure. I try to keep some little gadgets around and when I get a call I change it up or give them a new distraction.

@Yasmin I’ll try that tomorrow. Thank you. 🖤

My little guy does the exact same thing. He's so loud! I usually just apologize for the baby noises and then bounce him or nurse him until he calms down, talking in the pauses. Sometimes I'll put him in his swing for a few minutes. I worked from home when my oldest was a baby, and it always somehow worked out thankfully.

@Naomi I guess cause he’s so you he won’t really hold anything to entertain Jim’s self and imma by a bouncer. My aunt had one. I think he liked it. That might help me out. I’m hoping so anyway. Lol.

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