Help! Postpartum hair loss?

Hi so I am about 6 months postpartum and I recently started struggling really bad with severe hair loss. It started out as just the “normal” shedding like losing small clumps in the shower but now my hair is like breaking off into pieces. Like it’s breaking off mid-shaft to where it looks like I have all these crazy layers in my hair of different lengths and it’s definitely thinning out too. I just noticed it about a few weeks or so ago so it’s a pretty recent issue and I have NEVER had this problem happen before now so I’m assuming it may be postpartum related. I have dyed and bleached and done all shorts of stuff to my hair and it has NEVER done this. I should also mention I do EBF so I don’t know if that could have anything to do with it either. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing wrong externally with my hair or something wrong with me internally but I am so depressed about it and feel so ugly and upset. I just need help or advice if anyone has had something similar happen to them and what can I do about it. Do I need to change hair products or go see a doctor or what can I do? I plan to go get it cut and styled this weekend to try and make it look a little better even though I’m very sad I will have to cut most of the length off I worked hard to grow out, and get the hairdressers advice and opinions too but I’m not sure how much help they will be. I’m just afraid to lose all or most of my hair 🥲
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I should also add that my scalp has also seemed more irritated and itchy lately from time to time, but I haven’t changed my hair products since before I gave birth so I don’t know why it would cause anything to happen now if it’s the products at all

Try Divi!! It is great for hair loss and scalp health!! They have shampoo, conditioner, and serum! Sold at Ulta!

My dr suggested continuing prenatal vitamins after to reduce how much hair I lost post partum but around 6 months it got BAD and honestly I just went for the big chop. Pixie cut suites me well, and while it's not slowed down, it's not as obvious where the patches were thinning were the worst, and I don't have as high a risk for a hair tourniquet. Kiddo still manages to pull my hair sometimes, but it's much less common now lol

I noticed some minor hair loss especially along my hair line postpartum. I started taking hair/skin/nail gummy supplements by Olly. Since then I have started growing some baby hairs back. But I do think it would be a good idea to talk to your primary care doc about maybe getting a referral to a specialist that would know more. Wishing you the best momma ❤️

I wonder if since post baby you've been tying up your hair more and the damage and breakage is caused from hair bands that potentially previously you didn't use as often?

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