I’ve always been insecure, but after my babies, it’s gotten worse. I want to branch out, be more secure of myself and be more social. Buts it’s hard right now because my last pregnancy destroyed my teeth, my front two are broke and I’ve been trying to get an appointment but my kids are always first and it’s been difficult. Would it make you act or treat me different if you saw my teeth weren’t in great shape when we met?
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Not at all mumma ! Hold your head high I’ve been in a similar position my mum told me “love yourself the way your want your babies to love themselves” seems easier said than done but it’s so true everyone is different I certainly wouldn’t treat you any different because of it we are all beautiful x

I completely understand and I go through the same things- we may not be in the same area but you’re more then welcome to message me!

Hey girl, I know it can get really intimidating sometimes when trying to put yourself out there. You are beautiful no matter what, don’t let the devil get the best of you. You are enough! You can message me if you ever wanna talk🤍 I need a friend too!

I 100% feel you, I don't have the best dental insurance and I have molars on both sides that had such bad cavities my pregnancy made them so much worse and now they're cracking and chipping and I'm at the point I can't eat anything I can't chew with my missing front tooth and I cant eat or drink anything cold or hot or it's too painful and the only thing that gets me through it is knowing my kid comes first and I will hopefully have the money saved soon to do it. I definitely feel like I get treated and looked at differently and judged and people make assumptions about how and why I have missing and bad teeth and why I'm so skinny. It hurts me that people treat me and my child differently because people assume my bad teeth genetics and health issues gaining weight equal drug addict and assume I'm a terrible mother and careless and treat me that way. If you need someone to talk to I'm here basically anytime just message me!

thank y’all for all the comments! 🫶🏽 it’s just hard because that feel the same, like people are judging me because my teeth are bad. Buts it was my pregnancies, doctors don’t talk to you about needing a lot of calcium when pregnant especially if you’re sick. I was sick throughout my whole pregnancy with both of my children. Like could barely eat anything, if I tried to brush my teeth or just smelled the toothpaste, I threw up. Then on top of that, I’ve always had what they call milk teeth so my teeth are very soft from my parents being addicts and using while pregnant with me. I just want to get out of my bubble, I spent my whole life hating myself and I’m so tired of it.

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