Sushi lovers assemble!

I know there’s California rolls and there are avocado rolls, and vegetarian poke bowls, but it just isn’t the same! How do my fellow raw fish lovers scratch the itch while still being safe for LO?
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I actually still try to be careful when getting non raw sushi/rolls unless you are making some at home like sushi bake. I have asked the chefs at different restaurants if they cut the rolls with the same knife or on the same board as the other raw fish was being used and the answer is usually hear “yes.” There are restaurants that are nice enough to use separate knife and board for you which I’ve been so lucky with the places I have been going to. and as a raw fish lover who dies for even oyster and uni, it has been a struggle 😭 I just end up getting fully baked sushi rolls or do home sushi bake, and it’s actually better than nothing. 🥺

Thank you for letting me know about the knifes! Baked sushi sounds the way to go! Better than nothing! 😅

I’ve actually read contradicting things - some books say sushi (raw fish) is fine if it’s at a super credible place…. I still haven’t eaten raw fish (even though I want to) - I just eat tamago (cooked egg sushi), eel, tempura (shrimp)! Go for all the cooked roll options… it’s not the same as raw fish, but it hits the spot for me!

@Mariah Herron my Dr told me the same. There was a few times I still got raw sushi but as soon as I tried to eat it the texture just felt off now 😭

I had a poke bowl itch the other day. I made a rice bowl with greens, avocado, seaweed, and grated some horseradish and ginger over it with soy sauce and sesame oil. It was NOT the same 😭 but it was something.

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