Power pumping

Has anyone tried power pumping to increase milk supply? If so please tell me how long it took for it to work
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I’m curious also!

I did. Power pumped twice a day for 2 weeks. I think it helped but now that I took a break… it seems like my supply is back to what it was. But it’s enough for my baby so I won’t complain.

I did once a day for two days and saw a difference. If I were you, I’d do another day or two.


I did twice a day for 3 days

I exclusively pump and I’ve been power pumping once a day for about 4/5 days now - around day 3 I went from getting an average of 2-3oz total to 4.5-6 oz

So my supply completely tanked at 3 months because I couldn't pump much but I've started power pumping si fingers crossed it works, how often did you all pump a day while doing it?

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