Question: Heat illness

Hi so this is my first pregnancy. Hurricane beryl was just couple days ago and I’ve been helping my husband out cleaning . I know it’s hot so I’ve waited to go out until the evening when it’s a bit less hot and there’s more shade . Day one went well. Day two went otherwise by the time I was done , my whole body was sore and I was sneezing non stop . Both days I was out for a max of two hours. (5-7pm) & (7-9pm). When I came inside the house I felt so tired and fell asleep for a bit and woke up with my throat itchy , coughing a bit , sneezing and still with a very runny and stuffy nose not to mention my also sore body . Today I woke up and I’m sick . I have all of the above ☝🏽 plus a temperature and being really sleepy today . I’ve drank tea with honey and lemon to help with my itching throat , been sleeping most of the day and been using damp cloths to help keep my body cool . Does anybody else know what else I can take to get better ?
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@Angel thank you so much I really appreciate it a lot ❤️

Of course. 😊

@Caryn thank you ☺️

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