I exclusively breast fed my little girl for the first two months of her life, I had a really traumatic birth experience which resulted in the decline of my mental health which was already pretty battered to be honest. I struggled massively with my milk supply first overproducing then underproducing and now stuck at it. I was frustrated, exhausted and couldn’t make it though the day without breaking down my partner took charge a little with “ a happy mum is a happy baby” and we got some formula in. We now bottle feed with formula twice a day and the rest of her feeds are at the breast. She’s getting fussy and not being left full after feeding from both boobs I’ve tried everything to up my supply with all the remedies and I’ve tried pumping too all the time and whenever she gets a bottle I pump too but it just never seems to be enough she isn’t as satisfied as after a bottle I feel like an awful mum like I couldn’t do what I was made to do in birth and now I can’t do what I’m meant to be able to do so naturally after birth. This is absolutely tearing me apart and I’m honestly not sure the point of this post I’m just feeling a little defeated and like I’m letting my little girl down… I’m not sure where to go from here what’s best for my baby and how to provide it for her. She’s now 14 weeks old
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Honestly I feel you with this post. Although at least your bubs is actually feeding from your boobs. My little man refuses, so I'm stuck exclusively pumping. Hard not to feel like a cow at this point. Try to be easier on yourself. Look at it this way, even a little breast milk in her system means you're giving her an immune system boost. The formula, well, that contains vitamins and stuff too, so an extra boost. So she's having the best of both worlds. You are doing amazing, just by producing what your already are for her. But also remember, just by having her on your breast each time tells your body to keep producing more for her. She'll also be able to up your supply herself through certain cues that babies do automatically. So if she's not, then it means you're giving her exactly what she needs, and the formula is just extra. You're an incredible mum for getting even this far. You go momma! ❤️ Xx

I went through something similar my birth wasn’t what I expected and also couldn’t breastfeed without pain so I’ve been pretty much exclusively pumping and I don’t have an oversupply I make just enough for my baby. Most of the time when my baby has finished eating from a bottle or occasionally the breast I give my baby to someone to settle them down for me as I know my baby can definitely smell the milk on me and because of this they are very difficult to settle.My baby always cry’s after finishing the bottle but after and few minutes calms down. I have tried giving them more but they seem to not drink it or bring it back up. I have also hear a lot about babies around the three month mark cluster feeding a lot as they go through a growth spurt this could be what’s happening and if she has lots of wet and dirty nappies and is gaining weight is a good sign. Ask your health visitor if you’re worried they will help you.

You’re doing so well breastfeeding isn’t easy it take a huge toll on your body and your mind to be available for you baby 24/7. If you mange to get a ‘break’ it’s not really a break because you are still eating,drinking and taking vitamins with you baby in mind. If no one has said this to you I’m sorry… Thank you for all you have given your baby, you carried her for 9 months then birthed her and now you continue to share your body with her to feed her. You’re the best mother for your baby and your baby loves you so much no matter what happens.❤️

Instead of doing separate breast milk feeds and formula feeds, why don't you mix them? This way your baby has all the wonderful benefits of your breast milk but with the full up feeling she's getting from the formula. I hope it gets better for you ♥️

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