Feeling guilty about have me time

Anyone else feel soooo guilty for having time to yourself. I am so sleep deprived I feel like I’m in the early stages of deliriousness and I can’t even think. I’m so tired that when someone talks to me I can’t even hear it. I went for a walk today and couldn’t even remember the walk I just was suddenly back home that’s how switched off I am at the moment. Anyway I am finding it hard asking for help, I feel guilty that it’s not fair on the person helping and also that I shouldn’t be apart from my baby. All I want is for someone to sit with baby whilst I have 3/4 hours of sleep in the day just to get me out this whole but I’m struggling to ask for this help and when I do I feel mum guilt for not being with him.
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You should feel zero guilt for this! No one without a baby would describe sleep as “me time” it’s a basic human need. Do you have a partner or parents that could watch the baby for a few hours, maybe take them out? Even an hour of undisturbed sleep feels like a luxury in the early days and it makes such a difference to your mood

Don't feel guilty at all. Just like Lisa has said it honestly does feel like a luxury to just have an hour. I feel you though as I did have a partner at the time of my little girl being just a month old but I was never able to sleep as he wasn't great. Anytime she would cry he would come to me and tell me she's crying. I'm currently pregnant again and doing it alone so I'm trying to stay positive and not feel bad or guilty if I manage to get some sleep in the day. Pm me I'm not far from yourself but can't say where for personal reasons x

@Lisa so true it is a need! My partner works 6 days a week and my mum gets very stressed when baby boy cries so it’s hard leaving him with her knowing it’s going to stress her out xxx

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