This is no mom related but DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE FLIES LIKE CRAZY AT HOME???? Jesus Christ I’m going INSANE. We already called pest control but they’ll come until next week and we don’t know what else to do. Already checked everything
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Yup it’s insane this summer. Partner thinks it’s cluster flies from the humidity lately. We have a clean day scheduled to happen this week and vinegar is getting poured down every drain

I do. And it’s driving me crazy

Yes us too!


Yes!! I got a $10 electric fly swatter on Amazon it’s AMAZING

Flies are very attracted to scents especially from whatever lingers outside our house which is what attracts them to wanting to get inside . A trick is get pinesol or anything close and if you have a patio or anything like that throw some out there Let it soak 5 mins , scrub , rinse with water Then throw some there again . You will see a big difference .

It’s so annoying the only thing I find that works is spraying the hell out of them with whatever I have, to where their wings get soaked and they land then squishing them

Yes, they start off small like fruit flies or something and then somehow they morph into bigger flies if I don’t mill them before then. It’s drives me up a wall!

Bleach your drains and decks

@Allison can you post the link please

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