Can anyone help? Ive gave birth to my baby now 12 days ago? I could not express during pregnancy i put this down to the huge amount of stress i was under mainly the hospital causing the stress towards the end. I then ended up having to what was going to be an induction which quickly turned into a emergency c section before my induction was even started. After my baby arrived he was put on me to feed and obviously my milk still had not come in. I felt a huge amount of professionals around me telling me different things to do after i came out of theater. 12 days in ive finally managed to express. What i want to know is this colostrum or breast milk being so late?
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How thick is it?

I was expressing colostrum when my milk came in, I knew it was milk because it dropped away too fast 😅🤦🏻‍♀️ I struggled to catch it. Colostrum will also be sticky, so if you put it on your finger/arm or even leave your nipple after collecting, there should be a sap like hardness that dries onto it

It looks more yellowy so potentially colostrum. Mine came in about 10 days postpartum too x

Potentially still colostrum due to the colour but your milk is probably starting to slowly come in, I had a traumatic birth and my milk didn’t come in properly for around 10 days… I was having to use a pump in hospital (I was in for 5 days post birth) to get the colostrum out as I couldn’t even hand express and had multiple midwives try and they couldn’t get any either… when your milk first comes in you will notice it’s thinner and drips faster x

@Star it is thick

@Clare i was told bcos i had a c section possibly come in 4 days but this is the first time with no effort it came out and i pumped with a manual pump. Couldnt really get anything out of my left Breast.

@Caitlin this is same as me had a emergency c section and was told due to that it would probably affect me! Ive been told to power pump which will help. I manually pumped this which made me think its colostrum as its first milk out? I put it in the fridge any way. Just wondering have you found your little one to have colic since having CS?

So basically I went to theatre and once they’d done the spinal they said they were trying forceps first - worst experience of my life but that is another story. It definitely impacted my milk coming in having all the trauma I also had sepsis which is why I was in for 5 days after and baby had an infection too :( but I also had latch issues due to a tongue tie. At 4 months she had to see an osteopath due to tension caused by the forceps - they said that can cause a gassy symptoms. Feel free to message me if you want to talk more as once my milk came in I maintained a really good supply x

I was the exact same, I had a csection at 37 weeks. My milk came out of nowhere and thought my boobs were going to explode. I used a manual pump too and all the yellowy milk will be colostrum. In a day or so it'll go more white which will be your milk.

@Caitlin oh wow that sounds awful! I dont even know what they used but i remember them tugging at me? They told me about 4 days but ive had so much stress i think that also impacted my milk supply i just couldnt get anything. With you saying that it makes sense! I will message you hun as it sounds exactly whats happened to my little boy. Ive also been looking into the osteopath xxx

My colostrum was basically orange and my early milk was yellowey. Typically 3 to 4 days after birth your milk comes in and colostrum stops. They really should have helped you in hospital. Although I was not on the planet I had a lactation consultant come and see me 3 hours after surgery and baby struggled to latch so she showed me how to hand express and although it was only drops at a time it was better then nothing.

@Helen they did i had 2 people come around and my milk had just not come in! I had very stressful events leading up to the day i gave birth to my baby and then then the shock of going down for an emergency c section! They told me that it would delay my milk even more! 2 days after i left hospital as i left the next day i jad a consultant come to my house as they help the same way! Just some people just cant get there milk in which could be the same reason i couldnt go into spontanous labour? What ive managed to express does seem to be colostrum.

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