Clairification: I’m currently a stay at home mom after multiple jobs I’ve quit because of babies health and it took more money than we were bringing in. Starting a new job closer to home with no daycare since husband just got his shifts swapped at work. I live with my in laws while trying to just feed myself, husband and baby(1 year old boy)… The stuff I do at home goes unnoticed. When anyone has something to say about me the wait until I’m gone to confront my husband about it so he can tell me. I’m always upset about it but something recently really upset me so how do I go about it?? My father in law told my husband that he came home one day and saw my child trapped in his playroom while I was upstairs on my phone watching him through the baby monitors… 1) I have never left my baby alone unless somebody else is with him! 2) I don’t know where the baby monitors are for I have only used them twice when he was three months old. 3) he hasn’t been in his playroom for almost a month because my brother in law has been sleeping in there since we have had guests in the house. I’ve talked to my parents and they said that my in laws shouldn’t be talking about me to my husband, but sitting is both down to talk to both of us. My sister in law told me not to take it to heart, that this is how it’s been for her whole 22 years of life. I don’t know how to approach this situation. It doesn’t make me mad or upset me, however, it hurts deep down to hear all of this from my husband and to think that they think so little of me…
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Fuck em. In laws suck. But seriously if it was me I would just bring it up and air out all your grievances because they will fester if you don’t

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