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So my 11 week old daughter sleeps almost all night (not complaining) she goes to bed around 10:30-11 ish sometimes 12 which is my husbands and mine bed time and she will sleep till anywhere between 6:00am-8:00am eat and sleep till 10am-11ish. Here’s the part where I’m having an issue. SHE WILL NOT NAP DURING THE DAY. I try putting her down for a nap and she will fall asleep and wake up 5 mins later we will play this game with her all day until her bed time. I try to keep her entertained throughout the day but she gets extremely fussy. I have no time to take a nap or get the house cleaned and it makes going out really hard cuz she cries most of the time. Any tips on how to get her to nap so she’s not so cranky during the day ?
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I was still doing mostly contact naps during that age! She slept so well, even at night. She’s still so new, she might just want to be with you

On the same page with my 11 week old too! She used to be up allll day, would nap okay in our arms like 30 minutes or so but never laying down on her own for more than a few minutes. I started wearing her consistently like 2 weeks ago and it’s been so much better, she isn’t as fussy and she doesn’t cry unless she’s tired again. Now we have a schedule going and she sleeps in the wrap for 2-3 hours, feeds and gets entertained for about 1hr-1hr 30min and then goes right in the wrap again and it’s been great. Can definitely see the difference in her mood and it allows us to get things done too

I contact nap with my 10 week old! I think your little girl just wants to be close to you x My boy sleeps through the whole night bedtime 8:30pm bed time and wakes at 7/8am

Contact naps for the win! I have done contact naps with my baby boy from day one and he sleeps best that way. Bassinet or crib naps he will just continually wake up and be angry. I got a baby wrap and I put him in there with a sound machine and will sway or pat his bottom for a few minutes to put him to sleep. He naps for at least an hour sometimes up to three hours that way and I can get housework done or go for a walk. Babies just love cuddles to feel safe when they’re this little! I will say, my son had a hate relationship with naps for a few weeks between 9-11 weeks and basically nothing I did could put him to sleep. He would fall asleep feeding and wake up within 5 to 10 minutes even if I didn’t move 😭 he’s 12 weeks now and back to napping like normal

My advice would be to do an earlier bedtime. My daughter is 15 weeks but I started her early on a bedtime routine and nap routine. She is probably overtired and overstimulated during the day that she struggles to nap. I use the pampers sleep app and it has been amazing for me and my daughter. It helps me with reminding me when Luna is due a nap and to look out for the sleepy cues. She has been bang on every nap she has had, and she goes down easy because she is not overstimulated. I am just following their advice, so her bedtime routine starts at 6:30, she is in bed by 7pm. She has 3 naps during the day. Apparently there’s a science to how they count sleep and if they miss a nap they are basically in a sleep debt which means they are owed sleep, and in terms it turns into over-tiredness and fussiness . NREM happens only before midnight and they need that deep sleep. My daughter was a terrible sleeper and she still is during the night but it has improved since following a routine.

What environment is she napping in? It was around this age I started doing naps in a dark quiet room and bringing blackouts into the room. I also contact napped a lot at that age

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