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I’m now 30+1 weeks So I had a scan at 28 weeks to check on the position of my placenta and they picked up that my babies arms and legs were slightly on the shorter side. I got called back at 29+5 for another scan and her limbs still haven’t really grown much. I was told that she could just be small, there is something wrong with my placenta or it’s a genetic thing that I’ve passed on. The issue I’m having is the outcomes of these things… -If she is just small, that’s great -If it’s an issue with my placenta and they don’t catch it just right I’ve been told that my chance of still birth are very high -If it’s a genetic issue, I can have testing to find out exactly what it is and have been told I can consider terminating the pregnancy. This testing could also send me into early labour causing other issues for my baby. Obviously this is a lot of information to be given and a lot of bad news right at the end of the pregnancy but I’m really at a loss and don’t know what to do or think. I’ve been so upset about it for a few days because I don’t really know how to deal with everything. I’m not even sure on the point of this post but if you’ve read this far, thank you.
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What are the medical team suggesting you do?

I’d probably get another scan to see whether it improves or the readings were off. What did earlier scans say? I feel like that should’ve been flagged at 20 weeks scan if it was truly an issue. I hear ultrasounds later on don’t pick up the measurements as accurately because the baby is just bigger but maybe it’s just wrong info but I’d def get a second opinion if possible

did you not have the standard nipt test? how are they even telling you that you can consider terminating a literal fully grown baby? if you gave birth now naturally, your baby would have an almost 100% chance of looking. how were these things not picked up beforehand? i’d be preparing a case for negligence! it’s so awful how they’re not even being reassuring quickly about getting to the root cause of the concerns and dealing with them as soon as possible. what hospital are you with?

i’d book another scan, a private one as soon as possible if you can. and see if they pick anything up, it might be reassuring the have somewhere that isn’t your main hospital do a scan and either find the same findings or nothing to be worried about at all. scan measurements and weights are almost never accurate, i really hope this is just a stupid mistake on their side.

If you can, please go to Fetal Medicine Centre! You can find the most experienced docs with the best scanning training in fetal medicine. And that’s what you need scanning professional who specialised in fetal medicine not just a sonographer. Stay positive, your next scan might reveal otherwise and you might be stressing yourself and your baby for no reason ❤️

I have another scan on the 22nd, if my baby is following the same rate that she’s currently growing they’ll know if it’s my placenta or either of the other things and then they’re going to decide the best road to go down but at that point I’ll be 31+5…

I'm really shocked that they are discussing these options for a baby that can survive outside the womb as it wouldn't even be considered a medical termination passed viability ... something seams a bit off 🤔 Have they said the condition is incompatible with life? Have they said the issue with the placenta puts your life at risk ? Because otherwise I can't understand why it the UK they would even consider terminating a pregnancy at this stage with a potential and not confirmed disability? I would definitely get a private scan and second opinion . This has truly shocked me

https://www.tommys.org/baby-loss-support/tfmr-terminating-pregnancy-medical-reasons Have a read of this page , there's some helplines that might be a good use of support, I've never really heard of this in the UK as being allowed without going to court for a 2 doctor consent it's extremely rare at this gestation and they would have to have clear evidence that baby or yourself would have life changing disabilities or risk to life Im really sorry you are goinf through this , it sounds like you have been given options without sufficient information to make those decisions

This may or may not be helpful but I work in a nursery and we had a baby who had a condition called upper limb arthrogryposis, she had it mildly but her arms were shorter than they should’ve been essentially. I think it depends on severity but she still managed to meet all her milestones and developed absolutely normally and she was thriving and happy! It obviously depends on what they find, but I would get another scan and just see if there’s any improvement, how your baby is doing, and if it is a genetic condition determining the severity of it and how it could affect baby in their life. But it is odd that they’d just discuss straight termination with you without even knowing what it actually is! Wishing you the best 🩷🤞🏼

What centile are babies limbs on? X

@Becca they aren’t actually plotted in the graph because they’re below 0

How are they only picking this up now. Where are you based?

I’m in Southampton

I really hope it all works out for you xx

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