Mucus plug

I think I have lost my mucus plug I’m not entirely sure tho what did it feel for people when they lost it and what did it feel like afterwards? I’m getting some cramps I think like period pains
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I suggest going to the hospital asap. I had my mucus plug come out and immediately after my water broke and I gave birth at home by myself. It’s not period pains it’s contractions. GO TO THE HOSPITAL ASAP

My mucous plug was going over a few days at about 35 weeks. My son didn’t come until 39 weeks. If the cramps are quite consistent and lasting for a while then I’d go get checked. If not then it’s just your body preparing x

@Lucy I went to sleep seeing if they would stop or intensify to waking me up but they didn’t and I havnt felt one yet so I’m just gonna see how my day goes partner is working from home and his mum is a nurse who’s also at home if anything happens

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