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Hi, I’m (21) married to a trucker (22)he’s gone long hours but he’s home every night. We have a one year old, and it’s hard right now barely seeing him. The issue that’s coming up is his dad is trying to talk my husband into opening back up the trucking business, (keep in mind his dad has already had to file bankruptcy for this business and still in a lot of debt for) I’m trying to keep an open mind, but his dad wants to put me, my husband, and my MIL all on the business loan. I don’t feel comfortable doing so, but my husband is adamant that this is his dream. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because I know this is what he wants, but I feel like this way of getting it is not right for our family. Along with that his dad has made comments about them going over the road and never being home which my husband has said he is not interested in he wants to be home. I’m just lost in not sure what to do and I don’t know how to go forward with this
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Please don’t that is such a bad business move. Between you and your husband only 1 of you should be on a line of credit at a go incase of anything the other one still has borrowing power. For example if his credit got ruined for whatever bad decisions your FIL might make then atleast you would still have yours to fall back on. Trucking is also a fairly easy business to start alone without a gazillion and 1 partners so there is that. Do your due diligence please before you ruin your life and intimately relationship over finances.

If you have not please look at the Small business administration and other sites that help small businesses start up and educate yourself on business credit and how it works. Sorry to say this sounds like a scam

@Elle thank you I appreciate it !

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