Did I skip my egg??

Seems like I didn't ovulate at all. I tested every day at least once, usually late afternoon. I'm confused. Anybody know what happened here?
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How long are your cycles? Looks like LH is increasing as you got over 0.7 yesterday so I'd keep testing.

Testing twice a day is a gd idea

@Tanya usually around 32 days. I tested again today and its back to 0.28 🤔 and I fully dehydrated myself to make sure it wasn't just diluted haha

@Laura Yes, I have been. The app just chooses the highest read each day for the chart. Usually pretty low in the early afternoon and higher around 5pm. I even tested 3x a day a few times just to make sure I got the pattern down.

It could be that 10th was your peak, or you are ovulating a bit later this month.

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