Nipt test

Is anyone planning on doing the nipt test? If so, how early? I've been reading you can get it done as early as 9-10 weeks or if you do the sneak peek test as early as 6 weeks but not as accurate.
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what’s the nipt test?

It tests for abnormalities but can tell you the gender

I’m doing Sneak Peak! It’s 99% accurate so it’s pretty reliable.

I've been reading it's like 50/50 some have boys but test said girl and vice versa.

I’m doing the nipt when I’m like 9-10weeks hopefully

@Jessica Ive heard the opposite that it has been correct for most. The do have amoney back guarantee if they are wrong!

I’m doing both! The NIPT but the sneak peek in 2 weeks when I’m over 7 weeks to be sure

Doing the nipt between 10-11 weeks

I’ll be doing the test at 12 weeks

I did the NIPT with my first pregnancy at 10 weeks because I couldn't wait. With my second, I waited until the 20-week anatomy scan. I'll probably wait again this time.

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