Baby shower

When are y’all planning to have your baby shower? I’m having mine this weekend and I know it’s super early but due to me being high risk and my history of preterm labor i’d rather have it early than not at all. I should also mention it is a gender reveal as well and all i’m asking for is diapers and wipes or gift cards.
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Mine is September 29th

Mine is Sept 14

@Justina I'm having mine the same day! :)

@Alicia are you having a boy or girl?

@Justina a girl what about you?

October 20th .

I hated how late my first one was. My work did one at 36 weeks, and I had already bought everything I needed. I'm a fan of early showers too! Especially cause so many people give birth early. I'm planning to have mine end of August or middle of September. My daughter's birthday is Sept, so I just want it to be spaced from that.

Mine is October

@Samantha yes I had mine planned for a month before I was supposed to give birth with my first and never got to have the party because she was born premature🥲 I wanted to have mine end of August as well but my in laws wouldn’t be able to make it then so we decided to do it early and make it a gender reveal as well

August 31st. I wanted at least two months to be able to see what I get and have time to put it all up and then get the things I still need.

August 31st! I’ll be 28 weeks. It seems a little early, but there’s always a lot going on in September/October for our family. I am excited to get it done earlier to be able to determine what we’ll need that we weren’t gifted.

@Hayley it doesn’t seem early to me just cause my first was born at 27 weeks. But i think it’s smart to do it early for the reason you said and someone also pointed out that we won’t be super big and swollen yet at that point and will enjoy the party more

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