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So kind of feeling disheartened . Everyone keeps telling me that since I haven’t lost my mucus plug, labor is pretty far for me still. I’m about to be 38 weeks tomorrow and definitely don’t want to be told labor is far 😓…also been told that I’m walking around too comfortably for labor to be near . I would mist like to hear everyone else’s experiences.
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Some people don’t lose theirs! Labor is spontaneous no matter what we do to try and make it come. Some lose theirs and it will grow back. I’ve lost mine in pieces for like a month straight, no labor yet. Don’t let it discourage you!

Don’t be discouraged! I lost my mucus plug and had my bloody show about 10 days ago and still nothing!

i lost my mucus plug at 37 weeks and I’m almost 39 weeks now and still no labor! I’ve also been sitting at 3cm dilated. Don’t worry everyone’s body prepares differently!

I didn’t lose it before water broke suddenly at 37w6d. Delivered at exactly 38 weeks naturally. Don’t worry about the mucus plug

I didn't noticeably lose mine my first pregnancy! I also felt and walked fine until i went into labor at 41 + 5. Just try to keep busy. You're at the point where you could have the baby is 3 hours, 3 days or 3 weeks 😂😂 hang in there. Baby will come when baby is ready!

I haven’t lost mine to my knowledge and I’m 38+4. The people you know have some odd advice 😂 and I’m sorry about that. Definitely not stuff you want to hear as we wait anxiously for our baby’s arrivals! The mucus plug, in my opinion, is not a good indicator of when we’ll give birth considering the fact it can be lost and grow back multiple times. Tricky little thing! I’m going through the same feelings of being disheartened due to practically no dilation nor effacement. So I feel you, girl. Just gotta wait till our babies are ready!

Not really! I didn’t lose mine until I was in active labour with my second (literally didn’t come out until I was pushing)

I didn’t lose mine! My water broke at 39+5 and I delivered the next day. I was also walking around fine up until then (did a 3 milk walk with my dogs the day before). Everyone is different!

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