Frida mom postpartum abdominal support binder

Hi! I’m due to have a planned c section on Friday afternoon. The reviews on this support binder seem pretty mixed online so I’d really appreciate any recommendations about whether it’s worth it and if it helped you with you c section recovery or not? Or if there is something similar but better out there? Thank you! Xx
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I had something similar and didn’t use it much. That being said, everyone is different and anything that helps you feel confident/comfortable going into it may be worth it ❤️ And you can maybe return it if you hate it too

I’m 10 weeks post c section was looking into binders but was too uncomfortable to wear anything over my belly and scar for about 5-6 weeks just wore high waisted cotton pants, abdominal binding will happen naturally mine finally started now after 10 weeks,the thing that helped me the most was the surgical tape, it gave me confidence to wear clothes over my belly pouch and lower waisted items.That being said now that things are beginning to feel a bit more normal i would try binders if it were a soft bendy one that is not too restrictive

I bought it and it felt like it had no stretch. I couldn’t even close it. So I returned it and have been using what the hospital gave me

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