Hey mamas, asking for help.. My baby is almost 9 months and really don’t know what to do with her. I feel like I did every activities and I don’t know what to do anymore to intertain her. I feel very lonely, my bf can help only on weekend (he’s working late, home when Im sleeping) and nobody is close to me so it’s always my baby and I. Im just a little depress, I want to be the best for her, want her to have fun with me but Im just feeling overwhelmed right now..
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I feel you! Baby is 10 mos and I’m on my own all the time constantly trying to entertain her. It’s so tough. I try to take her out as much as possible even if it’s just in stroller or to grocery store. Local playground is good too. Hang in there

Babies are easily entertained! It’ll be Okeyy! You could do the same stuff over and over and they’d find it interesting. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re doing great by spending time!

can you find a meet up or free event to go to? it might be a good way to let someone else entertain her and feel like you aren’t by yourself. like the library near me does free music for babies/kids but my girl’s not really old enough to not nap or cry through it

Repetition is actually good for them. And tbh, I pop on some kids music/ music videos. Preferably Super Simple Songs on YouTube. He loves it and it gives me some time to do se chores and drink a coffee. It helps recharge my mental batteries so I can be a better mom. Don't be afraid to do that now and then. I have an almost 13 year old. I limited screen time and it made no difference. She is just like every other kid that had all the screens. Lol. The only difference is we don't have game systems in the house still. But going out is my favorite thing. I use a tush baby and / or my stroller. I plan to get a zoo membership just to have a dedicated place to walk at least once a week lol. Also get a swing if you can. They have indor swing stands even. I am able to hook ours on the indoor jungle gym my husband got him or outside on our two person chair swing. We swing together in the mornings and he just loves it.

Many good ideas to entertain baby! But what about you? If you feel more than just a little bummed, it may be worth trying out some therapy. Feeling overwhelmed and lonely is not a fun place to be in, I know. (And my baby isn’t even earth side yet.) And talking through your feelings and issues may be alleviate that! If you need a little extra, a psychiatrist can help with medication. It may just be a little temporary need. If you’re comfortable with it. I’m very pro meds! Also, have you tried doing a little exercise to help with your mental health? A little half hour walk with some sunshine and fresh air can help more than we’d think. Just only during the time of day where you can bear the heat! Maybe some yoga or Pilates too. Have you considered looking for some “mommy and me” type groups? It can keep things interesting for baby, but it could also help you have adult conversations, meet new parents and friends, and not feel so lonely. Or maybe events through a library or church?

I have a son 9 months old. We go to the library and baby meet up groups to see other littles like him. go to the park. He helps me when I’m cooking by mixing stuff or pouring and pasta. We watch Sesame Street and sing songs. He played the cat in the hat and green eggs and ham and Audible well he has his third bottle. We will watch Miss Rachel and talk about colors and numbers and try to find different colors with his toys and things around the house today is color was red. I shake the salt and pepper shaker or things that have a rattle and count the shakes up to 10. She loves everything that crinkles any bags cups I rotate toys constantly, so he’s not attached to anything but his favorite are rubber duckies. He has two that he bangs together, and I bring them in the pool when we go swimming and he has a cat in the hat toy also my partner is a chef so I bring him to the restaurant to watch everyone cook and say hi to him. We dance belly time

We do belly time and I put a toy on one side of the room and have him crawl to that toy and then put another toy or the same toy on the opposite side and he crawls to that one and when he turns around and holds it up I clap.

I’m out a lot during the day w the baby, Baby Bounce is on 3* a week at the library here it’s a musical baby class. Other days I go window shopping or brunch or do something w another sahm we take our babies everywhere

Sing to her and read books! Set up a routine / schedule. It will help you keep sane and feel productive. PBS kids / baby bounce. Tummy time / play time . Take her on a walk in the stroller every day. Explain to her what you see. Blue skies. Birds singing. Colors / sounds of cars, Animals etc. library groups , taking her to museums, get yourself and her out the house when you can. Even going on a car ride. engage with her more and it will make you feel better too. You’re her mother and her teacher too 💕

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