When can I lie on my stomach again?

Only 8 days PP but feeling mostly back to normal 😊 when did you start sleeping on your stomach again?
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Yes I wanna know this tooo

Depends how you feel. It’s different for everyone. I had a c section with mine and I could lie on my tummy till after a few weeks at least

I think I felt comfortable at 8 weeks pp tbh i tried it a couple times before the 8 weeks but was scared (ftm) so I just waited till the 8 weeks my dr recommended me for recovery

I think I did around the 7 week mark as again I was worried plus I’m breast feeding so I can’t lay on my boobs anyway 😂

It’s different for everyone I’m 4 months pp after my 3rd Csection & I haven’t laid on my stomach in years it’s just to uncomfortable

Everyone's different, but for me I was 3.5 months pp before I attempted it and about 4 months when I felt really comfortable. I sleep on my tummy and roll around with baby on the floor all the time now at 6 months

Like everyone said, it all depends on you. I was a week and a half pp. I was sleeping on my side the day I got home from hospital, Turning and getting up was uncomfortable but laying on my side with a pillow on my stomach was the only way I could sleep. I was painless by the end of the first week so carefully put myself onto my stomach (best way for me to sleep, it’s been a sad 9 months not sleeping that way) and it didn’t hurt 😄 I’ve read some people find it helps the pain

I’m now at the point I can roll from my back to the side without pain in bed so I might try it carefully tonight haha thanks all 🤞🏻

… I’m surprised so many people waited a couple months, I didn’t realise there was a wait time 😅 I was on my tummy around day 3/4. During the peak of my pain killers so I didn’t feel any pain and I absolutely loved it. I have found if anything because I’m breast feeding I can’t lye on my tummy without feeling like I’m lying on rocks but regarding my belly and incision, it’s never bothered me on my tummy xx

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