If not allowed I understand! Anyone here play animal crossing?! I want more mom friends to connect with!!
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How do you have time for games? I miss video games.... I know this is totally a me thing and other parents make the time, but I just can't do it. I feel guilty being away from baby and if dad is taking care of baby I feel like I need to do chores. Please tell me your secret. PS animal crossing was never my jam, but if you want to get down on some warframe ever, I'm your gal.

@Lauren My daughter is 5. So she likes to be on her own sometimes. But I mainly do it when I’m settling down for bed. Sometimes she watches me. Or when I want me time she has her ipad or something. I’ve never played that before lol You shouldn’t feel guilty as bad as it sounds. Mama needs a break sometimes too!

I play! 😊

@Kalei message me!!

i have it but i don’t play it as often ! i love mario party though lol

I have a switch and ps4 pro....i love playing games

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