So I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my fiancé’s father found a kitten in a dumpster, but he's unable to keep it due to allergies. Kitten is about 6 weeks according to the vet so he can't get his shots for 2 more weeks and he lived outside so I'm worried about toxoplasmosis. I don't want to keep it because of how much anxiety I have and now this is a new fixation for it. But my Fiancé is in love with the cat. I stg I wash my hands like 30 times a day. I wash the kitten's paws when he goes to the bathroom and I make my Fiancé clean the litterbox almost daily. I keep him in our bedroom since we have other cats and we only have two rooms and I don't want him in the baby’s room. But I feel bad like its just a baby and I'm avoiding it and barely even want to sleep in my own bedroom. My OB said to just wash my hands before I eat and stay away from the litter box, but I worry bc I've found poop on him a few times now. OB didn't seem worried but wanted to test me for toxoplasmosis in about 3 weeks. I just need reassurance or advice. I still have at least 8 weeks till this baby is full-term. I don't wanna spend it stressed out about cat poop.
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Easier said than done but try not to stress 🤗 I have 4 cats so understand! Avoid touching the litter and if it makes you feel better ask your husband not to let the kitty in your bedroom until he has his vaccines and keep him out of ur nursery ❤️ you have no reason to worry especially if your OB isn’t. Chances are because you have cats you’ve already had it and the chances of getting it again are super low 🤗 hope you feel less stressed soon *Edit it is also a lot less likely if you keep the kitten inside 24/7 which I assume you’re doing anyways as he is unvaccinated ❤️

As long as you don't scoop the box it be fine , my bf has a cat who use to be in and outside (now solo inside) and he knows that he has to take care of the box

Don't scoop the litter. I have friends and family who've been pregnant and had children with *multiple* cats and never had this issue. They either have autoscoop boxes or someone else doing the scooping. My one friend had 3 kids and 5 cats, no issues.

Yeaah just wash your hands regularly and don't scoop the litter. Even that, I've got a cat that's been quite poorly recently and I've been forced to clean up cat poo quite a few times now, I've put rubber gloves on, dealt with it then washed my hands afterwards. There's a risk but tbh I think it's pretty low. I've had a cat and have been scooping her litter for 8 years and I've had cats in my family going on 30 years and one of us have ever caught it. Enjoy the kitten, I'd have done the same thing as your fiancé and taken it in to help and I'm 24 weeks.

You’ll be fine as long as you stay away from the litter box/cat poop. I’ve had both my pregnancies living with cats who do go outdoors and have had no issues, just don’t go near their feces. No need to stress

@Becca i just worry bc he's so small and has just started using the litterbox so he gets it on his paws a lot and I'm worried about him spreading it throughout the house

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