What are some signs of teething? We’ll be 3 months Sunday, currently eating our hands and drooling more
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3 months is when their saliva glands activate. Probably just that, unless she’s really fussy and not sleeping well.

@Chayse gotcha! I seen one mom say these were signs of teething and as a ftm I have no idea 😂 not any fussier than usual, I mean she’s a booby baby so always wanting mom and she’s been waking up a little more than usual but I feel it’s just so she can lay next to me 😅

Yes three month olds are very snuggly!! Drooling is a sign of teething, but at this age it’s usually just their little mouths working harder and not having the coordination to remember to swallow all the time.

My son won't let me set him down but he doesn't want to sit with me. He can't make up his mind. Nawing is a good sign it's there. If you look on her mouth you may see little white specks you can't brush out of her mouth. That's her teeth starting

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