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So long story short, I gave birth in January 2023 so my daughter who ended up being 8lbs 13oz healthy baby. I got induced because I was about 10 days past my due date and nothing was happening, the induction was horrible, I was in labor for about 48 hours straight and felt like my body was fighting it every step of the way. She ended up having to get pulled via vacuum towards the end due to her getting stuck with shoulder dystocia which she never needed any treatment for. I was traumatized by how hard my labor was, I didn’t even want to hold my baby when she came out because my body was weak and exhausted. Anyway, I am currently 39 weeks pregnant with my son and my OBGYN has been pushing induction on me for quite awhile and I have tried to educate myself a lot more this pregnancy and have stated many times I am not interested in induction unless absolutely necessary. After having ultrasounds done because I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which has turned out to be very mild and has been treated for the most part. They indicted that he is a good sized baby and has a head in the 90th percentile range so I am continually getting pushed to induce him as soon as possible because they keep telling me that the chances of shoulder dystocia increase when you’ve had one already. It’s still a week from his due date and I am trying to do what I think is right for my baby and me but they keep intimating me and making me feel as though I’m putting his health at risk and my own. I am trying to be active and get him out I’m just worried about the same occurrence and him getting stuck as well and this time the outcome being worse. I am not sure how long I should wait or what to do. Advice from anyone who’s had similar experience????
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I gave birth in Jan 2023 too. Hos due date was the 16th. I was induced the 26th and he was born the 29th. My story is a little different because my body was fighting it as well and I didn't make it to a vaginal birth before they did an emergency csection. That being said the induction was miserable and the moment they disconnected the medication from my system I felt substantial relief. My OB said that could be my body's reaction to the medication. I've also heard from people that have done both that induction was more difficult. That being said Ask your ob directly if they would consider your condition a threat to either life and if they say yes (don't let them say anything but yes or no) then ask them to document that. Often times they push inductions and csections because it's more convenient for the pros. But it's you health and your baby don't let them bully you.

I was induced with my 1st on November 7th, 2009 at 6:30 am and had her 12 hours later. She was 8lbs 7oz and my body never went into active labor, contractions were still 5+ minutes apart while pushing. With my 2nd I went in after my water broke 2 weeks before my due date on May 14th, 2013 at 8am. 3 hours later and contractions never started so they induced me. 12 hours later and there was no change so I ended up having an emergency c-section due to her coming shoulder 1st. 3rd one was my favorite delivery! Showed up at the hospital at 7am on January 2, 2023 and had my baby via c-section 30 minutes later. My body doesn't labor well and wish I would've had a c-section with my 1st as well. Recovering from an episiotomy and 2nd degree tear are a lot worse. I would highly suggest looking into a c-section since you said your body was fighting the induction process.

I've always heard unless baby's heart rate decreases or they see via sonogram that amniotic fluid is decreasing it's ok to go past the due date and wait for your body to start labor naturally! I don't get what the big pushy pressure is. I agree with the comments above - ask for pros and cons of waiting to labor naturally vs induction and make that choice based on facts not what they think would be best

I was induced with my second due to too much fluid and gestational diabetes. My first labor was about two days long and second one which was an induction was 6 hours! First baby was stuck and second slid right out

No advice to give, but just wanted to say I had my first January 2023 and I’m due with my second baby this month as well! Currently 38w5d. Good luck to you!

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