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What does your baby’s nap and sleep schedule look like? Mine started to refuse the third nap at 6pm. She seems to be ready to drop it, but I’m not ready yet… she isn’t even 6 months old!
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My little guy, 5 1/2 months. Sleeps typically 7:30pm-7am. Nap 1: 8-9 Nap 2: 10:30-12ish Nap 3: 2-3 (sometimes will go until 4) Nap 4; 5-5:30

My son dropped his 3rd nap at 6 pm right before turning 6 months. He's 6months and a week now. Wakes up at 7-8am. First nap at 9:30am no matter his wakeup time, asleep for 1-2hrs. The second nap is around 3-4pm, sleeps for 1-2hrs. Bed time anywhere from 7:30-8:30pm. Wake up at midnight or 1am to eat, then sleep the rest of the night til 7-8am next morning, and the cycle repeats. Sometimes, he'll wake up once extra if he has a soiled diaper. He also is just used to waking up many times during the night so he'll wake up and whine a bit for a minute, but with back rubs and his noise machine he falls back asleep quickly til its time for the midnight feeding or his 7am wakeup. Getting better day by day and waking up way less during the night

If she's ready to drop the 3rd nap, don't push for it to stay in her routine. It'll cause extra tiredness & and fusiness, which typically leads to worse sleep during the night because she'll be more restless and fight her sleep harder. I hope that makes sense. But my son is very good with his sleep training, so it's easier to get him to bed and tell when he's sleepy. Every baby is different. Follow your baby's lead, and everything should work out for the best.

Bedtime around 8:30pm Wake around 5am to eat Back to sleep until 7:30 then up for the day. Usually 3 naps around 10am, 1pm and 4pm but it varies.

Sleep schedule: down by 630p , up at 430am-ish Nap schedule: what’s that’s? 😅we have tried so hard to get her on one but she just won’t. She just takes random 20 min cat naps throughout the day

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