What would you do?

If your family and friends did not get along with your partner and your partner didn’t get along with them but like to pick with them for kicks (laughs) would you leave them
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What is he doing to pick with them and why don’t they get along in the first place ?

He just say hi or make a fake conversation know they don’t like him or will get mad. And they don’t like him because I’m the beginning they told that he was a user and don’t believe he did anything because I made more than him

It's ultimately up to you, but i personally wouldn't want to be with someone long term if they couldn't try to get along with my family.

@Irene he made attempts to get along but they gave him a hard time and what made him give up was when would take my kids out or play with help with homework etc they would call him a pervert so he got upset and said he’s tired of trying to get their approval

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