They might lose their son😞

My bff and fiance last month gave birth to baby boy, things were going good until someone made a call to dcfs stating they were horrible parents and not stable parents, they did a home check (mind you the apartment they were living in was clean clean) and the place was smelling like dog and cat piss and shit and dishes were all over and pretty much a mess cause of the roommate this resulted to them getting kicked out, and baby taken away BEFORE they left the hospital They "hop" place to place trying to find the right place for them to get their boy back, now they are living with me, my house looks like it's been living in, like laundry dishes ECT. We been trying to work on clean it up more so they can do a walk through It's only been a month since baby gotten taken away and they are already trying to pull their crap on them, yesterday they had a visit and asked if the appointment was necessary to come, they said no so they came home and now they are going to try to use that against them, now they worry they might have to sign their rights over. My situation is I'm trying to move out to get a divorce (state laws) so we decided to save up and move together with kids and them and myself (not my partner) I fear I won't be able to move and they lose their son😞
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I’ll have all y’all in my thoughts I especially have the momma in my heart rn if y’all were closer I could guide better but I think you’re pretty far away

@Misty Buckner-Scott your in a different state than I am

That’s not enough for them to loose their rights, however they need to get their properties lined out quickly

I’m a bit confused on the beginning timeline. So the apartment was spotless clean before they left to have their baby and only within the 2-4 days they were in the hospital having baby, the roommate had the place smelling like dog and cat piss and shit bad enough that CPS took the baby away? How many animals are in that apartment? Roommate had to of been working really hard to ensure the cat and dog peed and pooped on everything if it only happened within a 2-4 day timeframe if that’s the case…

@Lauren roommate had 2 dogs and 2 cats and he doesn't clean the kitty litter nor take out the pup from the kennel so resulting in the apartment selling bad

@Siedah they was told they have up to a year to get everything in order to get their baby back and now being told a month😐 which makes no since dcfs worker is not answering his phone it's just silence from them

Phew, that’s too many animals in such a small space anyway. Poor things. That roommate should be reported for animal neglect 100%. There’s been times my husband (during my pregnancy) has forgotten to clean out the cat box for a whole week and only on the 6th or 7th day does it really smell bad. With 2 cats though I could definitely see how it would get way smellier way quicker, especially if they share a cat box- which they shouldn’t be- two cats should have at minimum two boxes and then if ya don’t empty it some cats just start peeing and pooping anywhere but the box 🤢 luckily our cat doesn’t do that when we forget. Yuck! With that type of roommate though that would have not been a good environment or person to bring a newborn into or near. Have they looked into any income based housing/apartments? There also may be programs in the area that can help them with baby costs as well as provide free or discounted legal guidance for the CPS issue. Most of these programs you gotta look for

Cause the programs aren’t exactly advertised so you gotta google them to actually find them. May be worth posting an anonymous Facebook post on an area specific moms group to see if anyone has any ideas on how to help their situation.

Why would you not moving result in them losing their son? Your post is confusing

@Lauren with the income base housing they signed up for it it's a whole waiting list so it can go up to 5 years here, best bet for us is look for a place to either rent or buy it in cash whole, my credit is good 7 something and the only problem is the money and job🙃

@Allie cause they want them to have a place for themselves instead of them living with someone 🙄

This isn’t how it works. I have worked with social services for years and understand the system very well. There’s way more to the story. They would not remove the child from the home this quickly or due to this one situation.

@Lotus 🪷 they both been in foster not sure if it goes into play or not, and the fiance is on social security so also not sure if it goes into play either🤷 also something about mentally unstable but they are past that, today found out that fiance mom was just drunk and just talking crap🙄 my bff and me both agreed that he needs to cut his family off😬 and he hasn't done that

I’ve seen social services try to take babies from good homes over bs that is legal in most states now which is just wrong I signed my son over to my mother when he was 18 months old bc I wasn’t fit to take care of him I was strung out homeless jobless worthless piece of scum, fast forward ten years I’m sober with my current husband and 23 days after I gave birth they tried to come take my newborn away over pot, nope

I got sober other than 420 during my pregnancy my babies have saved me twice from my own self destruction and I can’t go thru that again even tho I made that decision then I was a totally different person at that time they gna hafta fight me to get these girls

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