What to wear to bed

I’m never quite sure what is best to put my 5 month old to bed in. He sleeps in our room and when we go to bed the room is generally around 21 degrees but heats to about 22.5 degrees throughout the night with all three of us sleeping in there. I do my best to keep it as cool as possible but the house is always warm as it’s a new build. He wears a sleepsuit with feet and a 0.5 tog bag or a long sleeve vest and a 0.5 tog bag. I always follow the recommendation of Purflo (the sleep bag) but the temperature of the room changes over the boundaries for what they recommend and I always worry about him either being too hot or too cold. What would you dress baby in in these temperatures?
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Every baby is different so I would recommend to check the back of his neck if you are worried. You can feel his temperature there and you will know if he is too hot or too cold or just normal 😊 I was putting my daughter into a vest and sleepsuit when she was 5 months because she was too hot in the 0.5 sleeping bag and a vest in 21C she doesn't like warmer weather even these days at 14 months.

I always put less clothes on her than on his brother.

Too cold is safer than too hot. If they are cold they let you know, too hot and it can be dangerous.

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